About us

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Karlsruhe

The success of our member companies depends on the quality of the location in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion and its defining general conditions. An important objective is therefore to develop these conditions on all levels to benefit from the regional economy.We work together constructively with all institutions and decision makers who have the same objective.
For us, regional development means going beyond legal tasks; organizing the location of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion to stand shoulder to shoulder with important functional areas such as science or the public authorities for the good of the regional economy. We are guided by an increased understanding of efficient infrastructure and deal with it. We want to act as innovator and initiator in the field of business development. To that end, we want to increase the knowledge of our member companies and at the same time use it for our work.
A region’s image and prominence establishes it as an internationally relevant location. Therefore, we want to provide our member companies with an advantage in global location competition, using active regional marketing together with like-minded players in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion.
In addition to executing tasks conferred from the state, e.g. the organization of vocational training, approx. 180 employees make comprehensive services available to about 70.000 member companies. These include almost 700 quality-certified services, information events and personal consulting throughout all phases of company development, including business start-up, financing and internationalization.
Several subsidiaries are part of the CCI Karlsruhe: the CCI House of Commerce (Haus der Wirtschaft) with its seminar, office and event rooms, the CCI Training Centre (IHK Bildungszentrum) for advanced vocational training, the IHK Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe, one of the largest and most successful start-up centers in Germany, as well as the Palais Biron in Baden-Baden, which acts as a conference hall for commerce.

Basic task

The basic task of the CCI is governed by section 1 of the IHK statute:
"the chambre of commerce and industry (CCI) is tasked with looking after the general interests of tradesmen belonging to their district, acting to promote the business economy and in doing so taking into account the economic interests of individual branches of industry or business in an even handed and balanced manner (...)"

Representation of interests

We represent the overall interests of the regional economy with respect to politics and society, network with partners inside and outside our region, actively co-develop the region and offensively capitalise on our economic location. By legitimising selected businesses in the CCI board, we ensure that the interests in the regional economy are aggregated, balanced out and emphatically articulated. As an economic opinion leader in and for the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, we subsequently aspire to influence opinion making and decision processes in the interests of our member companies.

CCI membership contributions

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Services and official duties

The CCI Karlsruhe is a partner, advisor and information hub for businesses. Services stretch from A to Z, and include waste management and custom forms.
The state has delegated tasks to the CCI, as a self-governing economy, which would otherwise be done by the authorities. The range of services is diverse, for example:
  • Competent representation of industry, commerce and service companies in respect of state and society
  • Supply of services relating to business
  • Efficient performance of mandatory tasks
  • Objective advice for public decision makers
  • Organising apprenticeship training
  • Tests and certificates in further education
  • Appointing and swearing in experts
  • Issuing and certifying export documents
  • Advice on entry into the commercial register
  • Road haulage approval
The CCI Karlsruhe is an independent consultant and advisor for politics and administration and appertains to laws that affect the economy.
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Volunteering with the CCI

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