Start-up and support


The economy must adapt to constant change. In our business area “start-up and support” we are ready to answer questions relating to business management.
We offer advice and events specially coordinated towards questions about setting up a business, security and also establishing and expanding business. The CCI has information on hand about handing over a business to a successor. Aside from tips and information for questions about funding opportunities, alternative sources of finance or the possibility of public procurement, you can also get checklists, advice about contact points and much more.
If things aren’t going so well, company employees will provide assistance in locating weaknesses. The “round table” offers crisis management to bring companies with liquidity shortages back on track and to preserve jobs.
The single contact partner offers you an extended service. You will receive cross-functional assistance on the way through bureaucracy. Our offer is rounded off with events for current questions regarding management. With this these wide-ranging offers, we are promoting creative, constant adaptations to changing needs in the economy. The Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion revolves around this everyday.
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Situated in the heart of europe Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion is among the top ranks in the competition between the most important economic centers in Germany, Europe and the USA with regard to technology, commerce and culture. The sunniest region in Germany is situated in a wonderful natural landscape, between the Black Forest, Rhine River and the Palatinate and Alsace.
The company landscape in Karlsruhe is characterised by a highly innovative mid-sized sector with a growing focus on internationalisation. The CCI Karlsruhe helps small and medium-size companies in particular to enter new foreign markets. A worldwide network makes it easier to find suppliers and trade channels.
It is an ideal work and living environment with optimum transport accessibility, a good infrastructure and great shopping options. The headquarters of world-renowned companies are located here, companies that profit from the internationally significant landscape of the training and research.
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Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion

In the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, economy and science work hand in hand. Networking between different partners is very important. The culture of business activity and independence are already being promoted at university. This is leading to a regional economy that faces up to the new challenges of an internationalised economy with a high pace of innovation. We encourage young, creative business and show them how to independently implement their ideas.
Eleven cities from Baden, four districts and one regional association form the Action Committee of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion, in order to optimise collaboration between commerce, science, culture and administration: Baden-Baden, Bretten, Bruchsal, Bühl, Ettlingen, Gaggenau, Karlsruhe, Rastatt, Rheinstetten, Stutensee, Waghäusel, Germersheim District, Karlsruhe District, Rastatt District, Südliche Weinstraße District, Regional Association of Mittlerer Oberrhein.
The economic performance of Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion has been above the federal average for years now. The gross domestic product also increased greater than average over the last few years. This top position has been developed further since then. About one third of every 1,000 employees work in technology-intensive industries - more than almost any other region in Europe.

Law and Taxation

Economic life is controlled by an ever increasing number of statutory regulations which a business can hardly overlook. The CCI Karlsruhe  gives its members vital support for decision making through information and practice-oriented advice in almost all areas of law which are relevant for all businesses.
That’s how we are able, e.g. to check your advertising in advance for competition violations, give you important information about getting online, point out the possibilities of well-balanced contracts, give information about notice periods, inform you about warranty regulations, answer questions about forming a company or make you aware of possible alternative dispute resolutions.
New laws often lead to unnecessary bureaucracy and are difficult to implement in practice. By drawing up opinions on intended laws, the CCI Karlsruhe campaigns for new regulations to be developed to be practice-oriented and introduce practical knowledge from their contact with businesses.
Furthermore, we perform a number of official duties in the place of the state, cost effectively, efficiently and service-oriented. This is how we provide businesses and individuals with qualified expert advice, grant permission for insurance and financial asset brokers and support businesses and administrations with different statements, e.g. with proposed company names.
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International Affairs

Globalisation and trade liberalisation are promising opportunities on the world market. The CCI organisation particularly supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in entering foreign markets. A global network helps to find suppliers and open up distribution channels.
The CCI is the first contact partner in international business – from start-up advice to issuing documents for international goods traffic. The CCI organisation organises business meetings, country information days as well as business trips, finds contacts and helps to take care of customs and other formalities.
Due to their profound market knowledge, integration in the economy and their experience when dealing with foreign regulations and authorities, the AHK (chamber for foreign trade) is locally an important and helpful partner for the German economy abroad.
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